Zoellner has three reception areas, three theatres and five multi-purpose rooms.

The five multipurpose rooms are appropriate for conferences, rehearsals, recitals, lectures, small dinners or receptions. Most of the rooms are wired for high-speed internet access, telephone service and video projection setups. They seat between 20 and 125 guests, depending on the specific room.

For more details phone or email Scheduling and Rentals Manager at 610-758-5654.

Multipurpose Rooms

Lehigh University Zoellner - Seminar Room
Large Seminar Room 345

Includes carpeted floor, tablet armchair desks, grand piano and multimedia A/V system with video projection and CD or MP3 playback/ LAN access.  The large seminar room can seat up to 55 guests. | 792 sq. ft.|

Lehigh University Zoellner - Seminar Room
Small Seminar Room 211
Lehigh University Zoellner - Large Rehearsal & Presentation Room
Large Rehearsal & Presentation Room 145
Lehigh University Zoellner - Dance Studio
Dance Studio Room 121
Lehigh University Zoellner - Small Rehearsal & Presentation Room
Small Rehearsal & Presentation Room 143