• Rental Event
Sat, 11/09/2019 - 5:00pm
Baker Hall | Free; Open to the Public

The Diwali Show is FREE for all to attend, and there is a lot for people to learn. For example, our dance performances and musical numbers will depict several styles of South Asian dance and music; our skit will give a humorous insight to the family culture in most traditional South Asian homes. Our event will incorporate humor and amazing talent from SASA and IC's members, and it will be easy for the audience to follow along. The dinner at the end will bring exposure to typical South Asian dishes and food. By the end of this event, the audience will have a greater understanding of our South Asian heritage, and they will feel more inclined to join the festivities in celebrating other cultures and diversity on Lehigh University's campus!  Presented by the India Club, South Asian Student Association, and the Global Union.